Two sides of the same coin

Portland State and Portland Community College redefine their co-admission program

Are you one of the 40 percent? This is the amount of undergraduate students at PSU who started out at a community college.

Attending a community college sometimes seems to have a negative connotation, especially when compared with more “important” institutions of higher education like Portland State.

That’s the pointe

The new student apartment meets students’ biggest need

There are two types of students: those who prefer on-campus life, and those who pursue other housing options, such as apartments.

While living in university housing presents its own problems at times, apartment hunters can also face a lot of challenges during their search for a place to live.

Worthy machines

Vending machines with healthier alternatives are being installed at PSU

As you grow hungry on your way to class, you may begin to regret not bringing food with you. Thankfully, you spot a vending machine in the hall, which allows you to grab something quickly and be on your way.

But as you bite into your newly procured snack, you find that you are not provided with the feeling of satisfaction that one should get when hunger is no longer a problem. While the snack food commonly found in vending machines may fill you up temporarily, you are not getting the right nutrients.

Apples to apples

Portland Farmers Market spreads into winter

Let’s face it: the odds are already stacked against the average college student, weight-wise.

Consider it. The freshman 15. The holidays, with their indulgences. No time to exercise during the week, with all the various classes and obligations held by the average student. And even for those with food stamps, that budget only goes so far.

Attention deficit drug abuse

Students turn to ADD and ADHD prescription drugs in times of stress

Have you ever had difficulty concentrating on homework? What about refraining from spacing out during class or on a test? This is perfectly normal, and you are not alone. A lot of students like you are suffering from an inability to concentrate on the task at hand, which of course impairs academic achievement.

Disturbingly enough, however, many of your classmates are enlisting the help of prescription drugs for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

A dilemma for the city’s youth

Gang violence plagues Portland

When one thinks of Portland, gang violence is not often the first image to come to mind.

Though people may be unaware, there have been several gang-related deaths in recent years. In 2011 alone, there were eight gang-related deaths. The young people that have been found dead should serve as a wake up call and remind people of what is really going on in one of Oregon’s most beloved cities.

A thing of beauty but only if its competition is fierce enough.

Shrouded in distaste

Forget the good and the bad; sometimes, it’s all about the ugly

Many of us have something in common: that ugly sweater given to us by a relative. You know the one. Patterns that don’t match, interrupted by a garish Christmas tree in the middle and arbitrarily placed sequins all over the front.

Surprisingly, there are ways to make that sweater even uglier so that it may be the crowning glory of the next ugly-sweater party that you attend. For those of us who are lacking in ugly sweaters and who have already searched the closet and several thrift stores in vain, there is another solution to finding the perfect ugly sweater: making one.

Not so easy for Speakeasy

Class cancellation puts business behind on product sales

What if a language class could also prepare students for the working world? For students proficient in the German language there’s one that can.

Seeing the connection between the students’ interest in German and their interest in business, the German department combines both the knowledge of the German language and the desire to get involved in the business world through its business German class, titled “German for the Working World.”

Help yourself, help your future

Taking longer to graduate is popular at PSU

Is this your fifth year in college? Or even sixth? Strangely enough, Portland State students take longer to graduate than the usual college student does.

Even full-time students who do not change their major tend to hang around as students for longer than four years.

There does not seem to be any one reason for this that encompasses every student who takes longer than four years to get a degree. Some may have taken time off from school or are not enrolled full time. Others faced obstacles such as classes that are only offered during spring term. Others still spent a year or two abroad.

On your marks…get set…WRITE!

NaNoWriMo takes hold in Portland

Writing a good book takes a lot of work. But during National Novel Writing Month, many literature enthusiasts devote themselves to writing a novel—all in November.

The focus is the word count. With the goal of 50,000 words in mind (or sometimes another goal of the participant’s choice), participants often spend every spare moment writing. Although there are loopholes, such as getting an extra word every time a main character is mentioned by giving the main character a two-part name, it takes a lot of effort to get 50,000 words written.

While some participants spend a month dedicated to writing an entire novel just for fun, others deem their literary work worthy of publication after the month is over.

Torn apart

Native American children in foster care lose part of their heritage

Coming from a minority group, with a cultural heritage and traditions that you are proud of can be part of what makes you special and different. But imagine what would have happened if you were whisked away from your family at a young age and never got to know the culture that makes up part of who you are.

For one in every five Native American children in Multnomah County, this is exactly what happens. These children are taken from their parents and often placed with white families. They grow up far away from their roots.