Students question whether Aramark is right for PSU

Is it easy enough to find food on campus that’s affordable, healthy and locally sourced? Even though Aramark—the food service giant that has been the official chef for Portland State for more than 20 years—has tried to aim closer to that target, many who spend their money on campus are still complaining.

Students of all ages come to PSU

Portland State has long had a reputation as an institution that caters to nontraditional students. Established in 1946 as Portland State College with the mission of serving returning World War II veterans, PSU continues to be a popular choice for students beyond the traditional 18- to 25-year-old college demographic.

Smoking ban a work in progress

The Clean Air Corridor, a pollution-free zone that runs between the Park Blocks and Southwest Broadway from Lincoln Hall to Shattuck Hall, has been met with steadily increasing compliance since its Jan. 1 implementation.