Pricey refreshment

With temperatures still reluctant to bust through the magical 70-degree barrier (except for that one really hot weekend a couple weeks back), it’s really difficult to begin fathoming the idea of summer. But we must. And, as comes summer, so does the need for ice cream, so I couldn’t resist getting a head start.

Bloody Hell! It’s the Brits!

With all the ethnic cuisine Portland has to offer, it’s incredible that so many countries are passed over in favor of yet another Thai or Mexican restaurant. Where’s all the great Cuban food, or Brazilian/Argentinean churrascarias? Yet, even with the lack of South American cuisines, there’s a similar dearth of European fare. Especially overlooked is British cuisine.

Night of the Living Mocha

From the outside, it’s nearly impossible to tell that Rimsky-Korsakoffeehouse is one of Portland’s greatest late-night spots. Indeed, Rimsky’s is one of the Rose City’s best-kept secrets. You won’t find it easily, there’s no sign advertising the place, and if you already know about the cafe, you most likely heard about it from a friend. However, once you enter Rimsky’s, there is no way you won’t be back.

The market in full bloom

Organic food is expensive. And there’s no point in lying about it. But it definitely has its benefits. (Who wants pesticides and all that crap in their food anyway?)