All you need is a book to read

Written by a Portlander and set right here at home, Heartsick is a thriller mystery worth picking up. The dogged detective figure gets a little twist in Cain’s novel–he’s the former victim of the very serial killer he brought to justice. Heartsick takes place after the capture of Gretchen Lowell, a rare female serial killer, but now a new killer is on the loose.

Mirror to Iraq

“Americans have a reputation for doing great things in the Kurdish region in Iraq. We also have a history of disappearing at rather crucial moments,” writes author and scholar Ian Klaus in his new book, Elvis is Titanic.

Stalking a dream

“The only hindrance was the band-aids on my fingers. They kept sliding off and exposing the fresh stitches on my index and middle fingers of my left hand. That sucked goat balls,” said drummer Derk Schmidt.