Basement Notes: Pacquiao-Marquez

By the time they stepped into the ring on Dec. 8 last year, episode four of the ongoing dialogue between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez seemed to be the only logical option for either fighter. Both were close to the end of their careers but still near the pinnacle of their capabilities.

Basement notes: Australian Open

The portion of the calendar rationed out to serve as the official offseason of the Association of Tennis Professionals World Tour spans about a month and a half, from the conclusion of the World Tour Finals in mid-November to the start of the first sanctioned tournament at the end of December.

The long con, part III: the split

Pacquiao partnership with Roach nearing end

Freddie Roach has been told that he is the third most famous man in the Philippines—the first is Manny Pacquiao, the second is the president—and, though it baffles him to think of it, he has no reason to dispute the claim.

The long con, part II: stick and move

Mayweather wasting opportunity to define career

Those who follow boxing will be quick to remind you that no matter how dire the situation may seem, a fight can change with a single swing. “A puncher’s chance” is the phrase most often thrown about as some poor soul wobbles in a reverse diagonal with his white trunks stained red, through 10 rounds, unable to connect with the heavy right hand that could nevertheless arrive at any moment.

The long con, part I: business as usual

Pacquiáo to fight Márquez after Mayweather deal falls through

The promotional campaign for the fourth installment in the rivalry between Manny Pacquiáo and Juan Manuel Márquez began in earnest last month, and if you haven’t heard about it, you aren’t alone.

Timbers ticket sales continue to boom

Timbers tie with FC Dallas 1-1 during the 29th sold-out game in a row at Jeld-Wen Field

The Portland Timbers hosted FC Dallas on Sunday in bright and balmy conditions at Jeld-Wen Field. The action was sloppy at times and thrilling at others, with each team easing into a rhythm and then getting kicked right back out of it.

Olympic money

Compensation dilemma is similar to the problem of paying college athletes

Recently, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade ignited a minor controversy when he suggested that players in the NBA who spend the offseason competing in the Olympics should be paid for their efforts. The tournament, Wade argued, is a tremendous financial risk for players already under contract with other organizations, especially as it takes up a large portion of time that could be utilized for rest and rehab.

Els wins Open Championship

Scott falls apart on the last four holes

We often use hyperbole to sell sports. A close game characterized by defense becomes a dogfight; a late-round playoff matchup between the top seeds is a war. Battle references occur more frequently during sports programming than sports references at political rallies.

Wimbledon ends

Roger Federer leaves with the win

On Sunday, the most important match in the history of British tennis took place, though you will probably only hear it mentioned in passing—something to fill the 53 horrible seconds of an otherwise dead-silent elevator ride with co-workers, or as an offhand attempt at civil discourse with a neighbor over the fence. Maybe just a bit of trivia to take in and file away for use down the road. All we can be certain of is that it will be a mildly pressing development for nearly a full news cycle, and then we will move on.