Students race to 50,000 words for NaNoWriMO

NaNoWriMo: Say that three times fast.

For more than 10 years, November has been associated with this acronym, which aspiring writers find both daunting and validating—it’s National Novel Writing Month.

During this month, writers are challenged to write 50,000 words of an original novel before Nov. 30.

Happy Krampus

Forget Christmas—don your horns, bells and birch branches instead

In December 2009, Stephen Colbert suggested that Americans, in the spirit of defeating secularism, return to the true roots of the Christmas holiday by bringing back Krampus, the horned and sometimes hair-covered devil that carries rusty chains and birch branches.

Stay warm in Portland this winter

The holidays help brighten the gloom of the next few months, but when you’ve exchanged all your gifts or spent the gift-card money (admittedly, a cynical take on gift-giving), you’ll want to find a place to warm you, body and soul.

The following is a list of Eastside Portland eateries and bars where you can stay warm on the outside while filling your belly.

Archive empowers women

Leaving a legacy

After the game-changing role women played in the recent election—67 percent of single
women voted for President Barack Obama—numerous news articles and pundits have hailed 2012 as a landmark year for women in politics.

Charts made easy

New typeface helps graphic design students create graphs with ease

Bringing an idea from imagination to fruition on a computer screen while staying within the parameters of the assigned task is just one of the many challenges facing graphic design students.

Beer snobs

From high to low brow A $2 tall boy or a $5 microbrew: What’s the difference? | Last week, the Vanguard set out to solve the mystery of beer snobbery by conducting a good old-fashioned taste test.

Where to watch the election

A guide to Portland’s political parties near campus

One year and hundreds of millions of election dollars later, a long election season is drawing to a close.

Students, in prison

PSU students visit Coffee Creek for classes alongside inmates

Morgan Campion’s capstone course was unlike any women’s studies course she had ever taken: It took her into a prison for the first time in her life.

Women in politics

Inequalities between men and women can be determined through a variety of measures; however, in the U.S., perhaps nowhere is this inequality more apparent than in politics.

Celebrating coming out

QRC’s Outlist grows in its third year

Coming out is more popular than ever.

In honor of National Coming Out Day on Thursday, Oct. 11, Portland State’s Queer Resource Center has launched the Outlist, now in its third year.