No more SAD face!

Recognizing that the gloomy weather may be getting you down is important, but treating that depression with nutritious food and exercise is necessary and will help to pull you out of the dumps.

The power of withholding data

Last weekend I was one of many who watched more episodes of Net-flix’s own series House of Cards than I probably should have. Netflix released the first season in its entirety, granting its 27 million U.S. subscribers access to all 13 episodes of the series on the same day.

Continued punishment

The media outcry that a homeless, high-risk convicted sex offender had relocated to downtown Portland caused a community response that drove the man out of town. Shunning a person after he’s completed his sentence may constitute a type of punishment that exists beyond the justice system, and one that prevents him from reintegrating into society.

Hey, hey, I’m a nonbeliever

U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) made history in November when she became the first openly bisexual person elected to Congress, but she’s also recognized as being the only “nontheist” to serve in the 113th.

Portland, America

Having grown up in Portland, I tend to gravitate unintentionally toward spaces in other towns that remind me of home. While visiting another state, I usually end up stumbling upon a coffee shop or bar that feels somewhat familiar, perusing the local beer and wine selection or sipping a cup of coffee while reading the paper.