A different kind of ‘freshman 15’

15 easy meals each from two simple foods | In a world filled with delicious food, it seems like fine dining has evaded the recipe boxes of poor college students for quite some time. Whether you are an “extreme couponer” or you mooch off of your parents’ Costco card, buying in bulk is the best way to save money on food. For those of us who cannot afford to be picky and go this route, here are two staple foods that, if bought in bulk, can serve many different purposes.

Exposing Greek art

Professor to lecture on nudity and the Greek body

More than 219.4 million Americans watched one or more events in the 2012 Olympic Games, according to The Huffington Post.

Memoirs of Algerian independence

Hamou Amirouche gives firsthand account at PSU

From 1954 to 1962 the country of Algeria, then colonized, fought France for its independence. In 1962, Algeria gained their freedom. Now, 50 years later, Hamou Amirouche, a former lieutenant and freedom fighter in the war, will visit Portland State and give his firsthand account on the war and his experiences.

Walk of life

Healing Feathers fights suicide in new way

Portland ranked number 12 in a 2011 article listing the top 15 suicidal cities in the United States, according to businessinsider.com. The Healing Feathers Suicide Prevention Awareness Project has made it its mission to lower these numbers.

Morimoto’s model

TV producer discusses Iron Chef’s influence on television

“There are only three countries in the world that truly exert global influence at the level of popular culture,” said Ken Ruoff, director of the Center for Japanese Studies at PSU. “One is the United Kingdom, another is the U.S., but curiously enough, the third one is Japan.”

The stigma of suicide

New York playwright brings his experiences to Portland State

Depression and suicide are topics junior business major Victor Ngo is very familiar with. Having worked in student life for three years, Ngo described these as common feelings among new students who are faced with the financial and emotional stressors that accompany college.

Dance dance revolution

Northwest Dance Project embraces originality in opening show

Dance companies around the world have been able to capture an audience’s attention in distinct ways.

Some use the strength of a dancer to captivate the eye; others use creativity and innovation to strike wonder in an audience’s mind; and some master the art of playing with the audience’s heartstrings, conveying the deepest emotions.

Setting the scene

PSU theater students get a taste of ‘real world experience’ with New Works Reading Series

Some students pen scripts, others play characters, and then there are the directors, who make sure the stagecraft goes smoothly.

The 25 students enrolled in the New Script Development Workshop course—taught by Professor Karin Magaldi, chair of the Department of Theatre and Film—spent fall and winter term developing their skills for this term’s New Works Reading Series, the final installment of which will be held Monday, June 4, in Lincoln Hall.

Street beats

A look inside Portland’s busker subculture

Six large white buckets sit under Skidmore Fountain. Some read “Clout Laundry Detergent” and “Kikkoman Soy Sauce,” others contain a multitude of coins, and one is full of $1 bills. A small frying pan with a broken handle lies nearby.

A journey without borders

International Night 2012 to represent PSU’s globally diverse student population

The Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom teemed with commotion as the first International Night 2012 rehearsal went into full swing.

Snapshots of success

PSU students’ community involvement captured in Oregon is Our Classroom photo exhibitions

Something new has taken over the second floors of both the Smith Memorial Student Union and the Academic and Student Rec Center that shows how Portland State students take their education out into the community.