Opening the doors of Lincoln Hall

Music Forward! concert raises money for PSU music opportunities

While the corridors of Lincoln Hall are always filled with the sounds of musically inclined Portland State students, anyone who has heard a melody drifting through the halls or walked by a dedicated music major strumming her guitar outside on a sunny day knows that these musical snippets don’t quite deliver the full experience.

Matsuri for the rest of us

Japanese Student Society shapes Japan Night 2012 into cultural festival

In Japanese, matsuri is the word for festival, and every year there are countless local and national celebrations of the rich heritage that connects the country.

Rap renaissance

Can Kendrick Lamar’s new album transform him from indie darling to major label star?

Can Kendrick Lamar’s new album transform him from indie darling to major label star?

If you want to see a fun show, go to a rap concert. But if you want to see pure and unadulterated fandom from every single person in a sold-out show, then you should have been at the Kendrick Lamar concert last Saturday at the Roseland Theater.

Music has arrived

Portland State welcomes Viking Sound to bring some noise

The Viking faithful fill courts and fields with roaring crowds and electrifying energy, swept up in a spirited storm of school pride. And yet something has been missing. Enter the Viking Sound, Portland State’s new pep band.

Respect the craft

The masters of rap have something to say in Something from Nothing

An Ice-T-directed documentary featuring Chuck D, Dr. Dre, Method Man, Immortal Technique, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Run-D.M.C. and about 30 other prominent artists.

Story time

Student bloggers cross boundaries through their stories

With so many students participating in such a wide variety of incredible pursuits at Portland State, finding your own voice can be intimidating. Yet we all have stories that define us, and we share these events because our experiences can affect and enlighten the people around us—or at least entertain them.