Candidacy eligibility delays ASPSU elections results

Zerework’s dismissal, subsequent reinstatement calls ASPSU elections procedures into question

On Monday, May 21, the Associated Students of Portland State University elections board moved to dismiss presidential candidate Diamond Zerework due to campaign infractions, consequently delaying public release of election results. The results for the elections were originally scheduled to be released on May 22.

Bang the drum as loud as you want!

How to find and book practice space for your band

Walking down the street, we’ve all heard it at some point: the crash of symbols, the thump of a bass drum, the staccato rhythm of an intricate guitar solo.

Journalist uncovers hidden toxics in everyday items

Elizabeth Grossman to address the environmental effects of toxics in manufactured items

While everyday objects such as cell phones and iPods may seem relatively innocuous, there may be some hidden dangers behind them. Freelance environmental journalist and award-winning author Elizabeth Grossman has researched and studied these risks and will be presenting her findings in a lecture at Portland State today.

Three-stringed serenade: The shamisen is only one of many instruments Abeya will play in Thursday’s performance.

Abeya brings Tsugaru shamisen to PSU

Enjoy a musical extravaganza showcasing Japanese culture and celebrating the US Cherry Blossom Centennial

The Tsugaru shamisen band Abeya will enliven the Portland State campus with a flood of intricate and exciting Japanese music this Thursday in the Lincoln Recital Hall. Abeya will perform on shamisen instruments accompanied by flutes, drums, singing and dancing.

PSU students travel to Panama this summer to provide humanitarian aid

Global Brigades Medical group gives students and community members opportunity to make social change

While many students might spend their summer soaking up the sun and relaxing, a group of Portland State students will spend part of their summer in humanitarian efforts. The Global Brigades, a nonprofit organization headquartered in the United States, focuses on helping to create viable and sustainable community services, including basic infrastructure. The Brigades will be sending PSU students and community members to Panama this July in order to provide essential services to those in need.

Campus heroin use on the rise

CPSO research indicates the majority of arrests involve non-students

A recent study shows that the majority of crimes committed on the Portland State campus aren’t perpetrated by members of the PSU community—a problem endemic to PSU because of its non-traditional urban setting. One of the downfalls to being at the heart of Portland is the fact that PSU is easily accessible to the public, resulting in crimes not usually associated with college settings. And many of those crimes involve heroin or other drugs.

SANE program offers specialized medical treatment

New program at SHAC dedicated to the care of sexual assault victims

In January 2012, the Center for Student Health and Counseling launched its Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program, a program which bridged the gap in campus resources for students seeking medical treatment for sexual assault. The program follows several recent indicents of sexual assault on campus.

Emily Saxton, a PSU graduate student, prepares to donate blood at the drive in the SMSU ballroom.

PSU community saves lives, one pint at a time

Winter 2012 blood drive exceeds expectations with high donor turnout

Last week, Portland State, in collaboration with the Red Cross, held its first week-long blood drive. Organizers aimed to collect 741 units of blood from all blood types (a unit of blood is roughly one pint). Housed in the third-floor ballroom of Smith Memorial Student Union, the week-long event saw a steady stream of donors. By the end of the drive, the initial goal of 741 units had been far surpassed and organizers projected a final donation total of 813 units—nearly 110 percent of the goal.

SFC defends proposed changes to student publications’ pay structure

Controversial decision would circumvent state and federal labor laws

The Student Fee Committee—the branch of the Associated Students of Portland State University in charge of the approximately $13 million in incidental fees collected from all PSU students—has come under scrutiny after its Jan. 15 meeting, a part of the annual deliberations phase of their budget process.

Up, up and away

Increasing tuition threatens the value of higher education

At a meeting of the State Board of Higher Education on Jan. 6, 2012, a near 9 percent increase in tuition for the full 2012–13 academic year was approved for Portland State. Included in this hike is a 9 percent increase in tuition for the upcoming 2012 summer session as well.

Summer enrollment across the entire OUS has been increasing significantly in recent years, with many students seeking to take advantage of the traditionally lower costs compared to the regular academic terms. That alternative to soaring overall tuition fees has apparently run its course.