City of chocolate

Chocolate isn’t just a guilty pleasure anymore. With current research, studies show that a substance in cocoa helps the body process nitric oxide, a compound critical for healthy blood flow and blood pressure.

Shelters are not solutions

KATU News reported on Nov. 12 that Sen. Ron Wyden announced a plan to set up shelters for prostitutes. These shelters are expected to provide housing, clothing and other services to women who are caught up in a life of prostitution without escape.

Social medication

Oregonians have always held the stereotype that they smoke more marijuana than in other states—that we are hippies, that we are all vegans or even that we might not have running water. Oregon often seems to be misjudged. But some recent news, sadly, reinforces some of the aforementioned stereotypes.

State of the economy

Creating 8,000 jobs over the course of eight months in Portland sounds like we made some good decisions regarding the $4 billion stimulus package we received from the federal government.

PSU now comes with a bank account

A recent article in the Vanguard titled “New Higher One contract aims to address concerns” [Oct. 6] is bound to cause some controversy, as there have been ongoing protests and complaints against the banking institution every Portland State student is required to use.

Portland needs a public bicycle option

California has done it. So has Massachusetts and Georgia. Even parts of Europe did it, and China too. What have they done? They have created a public transportation system, for bicycles. And depending on the type of program used, some are completely free.

PSU’s tough decision

It is time to make difficult, unpleasant and unpopular choices. Last week, the Vanguard reported that Portland State needs to cut $25 million from its budget this upcoming school year. The fact that we are saving money is good, but the fact that this may cost 68 positions is bad. And even worse, I don’t think there is a way around this.

Graduate advice

The time is almost here when, for most of us, it is swimsuits and four months of relaxation before another year of classes start—for others, no such thing. For the seniors who are graduating, there is an entire new world of opportunities that has opened.

The climate of change

For those of you who believe that global warming, global climate change or any variation thereof is a serious problem, be prepared to witness a decision that will be the biggest one yet.

Losing support

On May 18, 2009, Michael Grunwald of TIME magazine wrote an article about how the Republican Party is lacking leadership and fresh ideas. And they are.