Hope restored

When Heather Spalding returned to Portland State after transferring to Oregon State about two years ago, she discovered that the same environmental club, of which she had once been a member, was on the verge collapse.

Vikings drop two at home

Erv Lind Stadium had been somewhat of a safe haven for Portland State this season, as the Vikings won 10 of their first 11 games within the confines of their home ballpark.

Community members gather for suicide education

In the words of President Wim Wiewel, Tuesday was a day to “grapple with a very difficult issue.” Amid the backdrop of the sun-lit South Park Blocks, former U.S. Senator Gordon Smith, his wife Sharon and student health professionals for Portland State and the University of Portland addressed the issue of mental health and suicide.

Now the Geving era

Even after two consecutive trips to the NCAA Tournament, back-to-back 23-victory campaigns and rising excitement surrounding the basketball program, Portland State athletic director Torre Chisholm still has a couple of questions.

Bye bye, Bone

The phone rang at the Bone residence at 1 a.m. Monday morning. Typically, only bad news comes pouring in at such an hour, but for a fast-asleep Ken Bone the voice of the party on the other line was a welcoming sound.

Bone would be missed

With back-to-back NCAA Tournament berths and a pair of 23-victory seasons, the past two years have been like a continuous harmonic melody for Portland State men’s basketball.

As sweet sounding as it has been for the Vikings, a “ring, ring” from Washington State athletic director Jim Sterk to the phone of Portland State head coach Ken Bone could catastrophically throw the melody into a dissonant musical train wreck.

Muddied future

When the ruling came down March 19 that Portland State’s wrestling program would be discontinued, it was a sweeping maneuver that altered the present, past and future.

A Little Different

For junior forward Kyle Coston, this trip to the NCAA Tournament is much different than last year.

One year ago the Vikings were a first-time March Madness participant and a lowly No. 16 seed that was matched up with national powerhouse and No. 1 seed Kansas. And in Omaha, Neb., Portland State was also in close proximity to Lawrence, Kan., where the eventual national champion Jayhawks call home, bringing the Vikings additional media attention and scrutiny from a host of reporters.

Portland State was under the microscope for a litany of reasons. But that is not the same this year in Boise.