Where will the chips fall?

In the same vein as an important job interview, Portland State slipped on its finest suit, perfectly styled its hair and demonstrated its skill set to the NCAA Selection Committee in a victory over Montana State to capture the Big Sky Championship Wednesday night.

On tap in Smith

Roughly 30 years ago in the same sprawling quarters that the Food For Thought Cafe occupies, students swiftly strolled through the doorway, plopped down with some friends at a table and called out, “We’ll take a pitcher of Miller. No, make it Bud.”

Aggression by request

Curling inside from the corner where the baseline meets the three-point arc, Portland State junior forward Phil Nelson caught the chest-level pass, pounded the ball on the hardwood a couple times and fired it toward the hoop.

Breaking the Portland State mold

At any other Oregon university, freshmen Stefanie Hood and Sarah Shankland would blend in among the crowded corridors of campus. But at Portland State, where the average age for undergraduates is 26.4, the Broadway Building roommates are the exception rather than the rule.

Staying healthy

Between going to class, working a job or two to pay the bills and trying to spend some down time with friends, students are busy people. And when you are busy it is challenging to stay healthy.

It’s all for them’

Sunlight burst through the restaurant’s front windows, splashing down on the sand-colored tabletops and dodging through the red and bronze drapes partially covering the dust-speckled glass.