Hero worship from coast to coast

For those of us over 30, the feeling of musical obsolescence is one we know all too well: It’s a jarring experience to survive enough years on this planet to witness the first rehashing of the music you grew up with. Those of us born in the early ’80s first checked for gray hair when synth-pop got big again. Unfortunately, we’re about to do it again.

Cold music for cold weather

We live in an era in which software pirates float aimlessly along the high seas of the Internet, seizing and pillaging any errant piece of software that comes their way.

The Dead Deer at the bottom of the hill

Every city in America has its musical secrets—they’re known, but never spoken of. One of Portland’s is Grouper, a one-woman show that is much more accomplished than your average listener might think, especially if she or he isn’t in on the secret.

Tomahawk is sharper than ever

If you’re not familiar with the work of Mike Patton, I would normally say something to the effect of, “stop what you’re doing and look him up.” In this case, however, Patton has touched so many different musical acts over the years that I’d feel comfortable rolling the dice on the premise that you’re already familiar with the man’s work.

Top 10 lists are boring

As a music critic, I’ll never understand the appeal of a top 10 list. If you’re a music writer who gives all genres a fair shake (which I am), the list inevitably tends to look a lot like everyone else’s.

Third time’s the charm

Crystal Castles: now more than just a band named after a video game

It is all too common for bands to form out of sheer boredom, and that’s exactly what Crystal Castles used to sound like. Used to.

Back in 2008, Crystal Castles came under some intense fire in Canada for repurposing free, instrumental chiptunes tracks and having vocalist Alice Glass shriek over them.

High-profile brain dance from someone younger than you

Australia’s Flume releases debut glitch record

Everyone has one of those friends that talks about how “music sucks these days,” and further, how the only good stuff still being made is from established bands. Unfortunately, this mentality seems to infect younger and younger people as time drags on.

The evil is upon us

Ex-Gorgoroth members release black metal album just in time for Halloween

All Hallows Eve is upon us, and what better way to revel in its demonic delights than with black metal, a longtime obsession of mine?

America, this one’s for you

Dan Deacon releases first album in four years, and it’s a doozy

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard the name Dan Deacon, then I implore you to stop reading immediately and familiarize yourself. Not for the sake of getting you, the reader, up to speed; no, because the man’s music should be celebrated by everyone with ears.

Request for relevance: denied

Green Day releases album that your stereo may refuse to play

Green Day is a band that spans generations. It’s no easy feat for a group to stay commercially viable as long as Green Day has. But about four albums ago, many listeners across these generations started thinking the same thing: “I can’t believe this band is still around.”