Keep calm and carry on

As graduation nears and rumors of an economic recovery swirl, perhaps some of you may view your college experience as time on an ark. While the rest of the world drowned in the torrential rains of recession, you could find confidence in your forethought.

Gambling Oregon’s education

University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere has submitted a “white paper” which proposes a $1 billion bond sale to fund the university for the next 30 years. Did anyone else read that in their best Dr. Evil voice?

Transparency in City Hall

Last week, I suggested that Police Commissioner Dan Saltzman and Police Chief Rosie Sizer should work together more publicly to help promote a competent government. This week, Mayor Adams fired them for it.

Who’s the Boss?

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) is releasing a children’s book titled A Kid’s Guide to What We Do. Officer Dave Thoman and his daughter, a schoolteacher, created the book to foster understanding about the PPB and encourage positive experiences with police officers.

Truth of the Matter

No puns this time, no gimmicks. The tragedy that ended with the death of two women just before midnight on April 24 is still too fresh and too horrifying as more details are released.

Taxi cab concessions

It’s two in the morning. You and three friends are stumbling out of a bar somewhere deep in southeast Portland. The MAX is closed for the night and the lone man at the bus stop is beckoning you over with a silver-toothed grin and grimy fingernails.

Pearls of Wisdom

Eight Portland State University graduate students spent their winter term developing a proposal for two large buildings that would serve as an iconic entrance to the Pearl District.

Riding out the recession

Have you ever really looked at the advertisements on the MAX? Amid real estate adverts and warnings to stay off your cell phones lie the Poetry in Motion placards, injecting a little bit of sunshine into an otherwise dreary morning commute. Perhaps you’ve also noticed that they haven’t been changed for the last three years.

Public market nearing fruition

Portland developers are hoping to work with Multnomah County in creating a year-round, indoor-outdoor public market that showcases local growers, similar to Pike Place Market in Seattle, Wash.