PSU professor leads breakthrough water rights agreement

A Portland State professor is leading a project that bridges the chasm between water conservation groups and Eastern Oregon farmers.
Steve Greenwood, deputy director of Oregon programs for the National Policy Consensus Center in PSU’s Mark O. Hatfield School of Government, was asked by Gov. John Kitzhaber to lead the implementation of a breakthrough agreement that grants increased irrigation water to Eastern Oregon’s Umatilla Basin.

Fathers group brings families together

Three-year-old Glory plays with a dollhouse in the Resource Center for Students with Children, a space that is bountiful with board games, blocks and toys.
Her father, Erick Castillo, watches her from a sofa, beaming as she offers him a miniature toilet toy.

Testimony and treason: a tale of two sergeants

In the aftermath of World War II, two American army sergeants—both prisoners of war—faced harrowingly different futures. One, a Japanese-American intelligence agent, was deemed a war hero. The other, an Anglo-American, was charged with treason. And yet the similarities between Richard Sakakida and John Provoo were startling.

The fluoride debate

Earlier this month, Portlanders convened in the Smith Memorial Student Union to hear Dr. Yolanda Whyte present a talk on the health risks of water fluoridation. Opponents and proponents alike gathered to begin warming up for the heated debate that will play out over the next three months.

Writer for hire

“I’ve always wanted to be a kind of modern Renaissance man,” he said. Speaking under condition of anonymity, “Tom” is a full-time student in his late 20s who has attended Portland State for two years, lives off campus and mostly keeps to himself. He is a musician, a graphic designer and an editor for a professional firm.

A taste of enlightenment

Picture the muddled colors of your mental clutter diverging back into discernible hues. Imagine the cacophony of constant sensory overload assembling into a sense of melody. You are seated somewhere deep within yourself. From the quiet observatory of your focused state, you become acutely aware of your physical tensions, your mental strains.

New DMSS director expands definition of diversity

“I am many facets of many things, all to be celebrated,” said CeCe Ridder, the new executive director of PSU’s Diversity and Multicultural Student Services. This philosophy was solidified by her experiences as a multiracial person and is a vision she sees reflected at Portland State.

Students rally on MLK Day

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words resonated on a cold, blue-skied Monday dedicated to his message of service. More than 1,000 students from Portland State and eight other colleges and universities in the Portland area gathered for one of the nation’s largest mobilizations of college students.

Professor spearheads Persian minor

Despite having translated a number of seminal Persian works, Dr. Dick Davis is still unearthing fresh beauty and stumbling upon new nuances of the Persian language to this day.

A place to be

Lounge attracts students from many faith backgrounds

Students swept up in a blur of panic-inducing finals can find solace in a space unlike any other on campus—a place that allows one to simply be.

“There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground,” goes a quote by Rumi, the 13th-century poet and mystic, written in cursive on a chalkboard in Portland State’s Quiet Prayer and Meditation Lounge.

Students explore Persia

PSU offers Oregon’s first Persian minor; prominent scholar will teach this winter and spring

A replica of the world’s first charter of human rights sits at the United Nations headquarters, an emblem of the organization’s cause.