Immaculate contraception

If you have used any method of birth control, taken a health class, talked to a doctor about sex or even just picked up a box of condoms, you have no doubt been exposed to a general idea of how effective each method is (with regard to preventing pregnancy, which is the focus of this article. STD protection is another story).


It seems like every time you hear the sexual-orientation acronym, it has more letters and is in a different order.

H&M opens its doors in downtown Portland

Swedish fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), known colloquially as the “IKEA of fashion,” is set to fling wide its doors at noon on Nov. 11, unleashing a Pandora’s box of Aztec-print mini skirts, jeggings and affordable basics upon the unsuspecting populace.

Killing me softly

Domestic violence is a term we hear pretty much every day. Whether it’s on the news or about a friend or celebrity, there is one common theme to the stories—he was the abuser and she was the abused.