The fest to end all fests

Every year, PDX Pop Now! sets out upon Portland to bring us a three-day love fest of local artists. This year, wielding two stages at Rotture in Southeast Portland (formerly Meow Meow, formerly Loveland, formerly about a hundred other things), 48 local artists will perform to delight and entice anyone within a hundred mile radius who’s even marginally interested in pop music.

New $90 million business building

Portland State is planning the construction of a new building for the School of Business Administration in order to meet increasing demands for space. The new building will be located at the southwest corner of Market Street and Southwest Park, and is slated to cover the entire block. The space is currently home to the Harder House and the Extended Studies buildings, as well as a five-story student residence, the Parkway building.

The return of the Wolf Parade

The veritable cornucopia of Montreal, Quebec has been belching forth music at an alarming rate over the past decade, and of its various sonic offerings, Wolf Parade likely falls somewhere in the center of the quality scale. Wolf Parade formed in 2003, when Spencer Krug, also a member of various other Montreal projects, such as Frog Eyes, called up friend Dan Boeckner to start a new band for a show that was to take place in three weeks time. Together they pounded out a setlist and enlisted the drumming services of Arlen Thompson.

Rising food costs hit campus

Big Town Hero owner Galen Eggert had not raised his prices since he bought the Southwest Sixth Avenue establishment in May of 2005, but rising food costs forced Eggert to hike prices for the first time this past January. “We are looking at another price hike next January,” he said. Eggert is just one of several local business owners who have been forced to raise menu prices to combat increasing food costs.

Sales job targeted towards students called misleading

Scattered on bulletin boards, tables and phone booths across campus are various fliers and postings for employment, one of which is for, a flier advertising $12 to $16 per base/appointment. The flier promises students real work experience and the possibility for a highly sought after internship. is a Web site for Vector Marketing, the selling arm for CUTCO Cutlery, aimed at recruiting potential salespeople. The Web site has some brief informational pages giving background on the company, mostly boasting its successes.