You stay classy, Portland

When one thinks of Miami’s music, club beats and electronica come to mind. Los Angeles’ music scene is overflowing with gangsta rap and teen pop. Chicago hardcore and jazz are still great reasons to visit the Windy City.

Clubs with character

The Academic and Student Recreation Center opened this year and now houses many of the student rec clubs that are overseen by the Rec Clubs Council —the governing body comprised of five student leaders and three advisers.

The Grammar Grouch: -ward suffixes

It’s become a serious thorn in my grammarian side to hear the -ward suffix abused wantonly by the vast majority of Portland State Clown College Bozos whose conversations float into my ears as I walk across campus.

Kickin’ it in Soccer City USA

For 40 years, Portland has been a one-trick pony for major-league sports with the Trail Blazers. However, the Timbers will join Major League Soccer in 2011 and give the City of Roses two teams that compete on the highest national level of their respective sport.

The Grammar Grouch: Commas

Commas are a handy device for inserting pauses in your text. A Portland State Clown College Bozo, however, often overuses commas and makes a page look as though an upended peppershaker spilled all over the text.

Dance happy

Belly dancing is an art form that mystifies much of Western culture, with its deep Arabic roots and alluring motions. Campus Rec currently offers ShimmyPhat Fitness, a weekly class where students interested in belly dancing can learn from a certified fitness instructor who has developed her own innovative dance style.

Thursday throwdown

An injury-marred regular season didn’t keep the Portland Trail Blazers from winning 50 games, and it isn’t keeping them from making noise in the postseason either.