TriMet has budget shortfall

If you are a TriMet commuter, your day could become a bit less convenient. TriMet is facing a $27 million budget shortfall for 2011 and is going to cut services while raising fares beginning in September.

Neither one please

Paper or plastic, which should you choose? Oregon Sen. Mark Hass believes the answer to be paper. He feels so strongly that he spearheaded a bill aimed at making plastic bags illegal throughout the state.

Ethical omnivores

At the very least, factory farms are unappealing. Most people would cringe at the conditions animals endure at most of the farms. Contrast that to an old-fashioned farm with cows, pigs, chickens, crops, red barns full of cats, hay bales, and apple trees—that sounds like a more enticing place than a giant building jammed with stationary livestock and mechanized systems.

Paying the cost of being the boss

Times are tough. With unemployment rates still high, many people and businesses are struggling to make ends meet. The same is true in colleges across the country and here in Oregon as well. Students feel the pain with rising tuition costs-Portland State had a complete campus closure over winter break in an effort to save money, meaning faculty is feeling the pain too.

Controversy in Oregon’s schools

One important way of investing in Oregon’s long-term future is to work on improving schools. Good schools provide important, quality education to young minds in order to prepare them for success as adults, but that is not the only benefit. It’s no secret that Oregon’s economy is not looking extremely promising-good schools can ultimately help lure businesses and workers too.

Walmart tries again

Portland has a reputation for being a socially conscious city. Buying local is a big deal to us. With this in mind, it is surprising that there is already a Walmart here. Will Portland allow another Walmart? Let’s hope not. One is more than enough in our small metro area.

To die a green death

Not all of us will graduate college, give birth, win a Rose Bowl or even cook a Thanksgiving dinner, but we all will eventually die. Our own mortality and that of our loved ones is not something we spend a lot of time thinking about and planning for, but it should be.

Pay attention and drive!

Ask almost anyone if they are a better-than-average driver, and they will say yes. Now ask them if other drivers being distracted by mobile phones are dangerous—again, they will say yes. They may then follow with some kind of excuse about their own phone use and how their own driving skills are, magically, unaffected.

Jonesing for burgers

Sometimes after a long coffee binge, studying and ramen noodles, you just need a real meal. What could be more satisfying when you’re hungry and wired than a delicious burger and fries?