Scapegoats at Fort Hood

The extremely tragic massacre at Fort Hood carried out by Army Psychiatrist Major Nadal Malik Hasan has shaken American citizens recently, and rightly so. Killing enemies in combat is one thing, but someone violently killing members of their own crew is very different and unsettling. American agencies and individuals seem to want someone besides Hasan to blame.

Carbon paw prints

Are you a tree hugger? Are you a pet owner? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you obviously fit in here in Portland. But have you ever thought how these two things could be related? Have you ever wondered about your pet’s carbon paw print? It is most likely bigger than you think. You should probably do something about that.

Who really needs guns?

A false sense of danger is on the loose in Portland. Oregon Health and Sciences University and the Portland Water Bureau have both requested that they be allowed to arm officers and have authority to make arrests.

Sugary-sweet soda taxes

America has an obesity problem. America also has a health care crisis going on. These issues have a complicated relationship without simple solutions, but a federal tax on sugary beverages like soda could help lighten the load regarding the health care cost of treating obese patients.

Bank robbers are so cute

I wonder what the River Rat bank robber is doing right now. Besides counting the money he has stolen in an estimated 17 armed robberies over the last two months.

Insane Policies

On Sept. 17, Philip Arnold Paul was on a field trip from Eastern State Mental Hospital to the Spokane County Fair when he escaped. He was captured three days and $37,000 later.