Building bridges between Portland State and Vietnam

How far will Portland State reach to promote the value of diversity? PSU recently teamed up with the U.S. State Department to bring Vietnamese and American business professionals together. The two-year initiative, called the Professional Fellows Program, helps make the roughly 7,500 miles between Portland and Vietnam seem a little shorter.

PSU to host annual Senior Capstone Fair

Some students see the Senior Capstone program as simply a requirement for graduating, but the program also provides students the opportunity to truly embody Portland State’s motto: “Let Knowledge Serve the City.” Like any other potentially life-changing endeavor, preparation is key.

New website compares book prices

Still need to purchase books before spring term gets into full swing? With a new website called Book Supply Co., 60 seconds is more than enough time to find the best last-minute deals on required textbooks.

One student’s American dream

College students rarely grasp the full potential of their opportunities. But one Portland State student, originally from Zimbabwe, sees her opportunity as a stepping-stone toward achieving the American dream. “I want to be a talk show host,” Zanele Mutepfa declared with a confident but humble smile. She’s a junior at PSU and studying communication is the first step toward realizing that goal.

Grassroots project helps promote emerging writers

Now more than ever, a sea of new authors is looking for potential readers. Without help, even some of the best contemporary writing could remain undiscovered. A local grassroots project called Late Night Library is changing the tide by introducing debut published work to larger audiences. This spring marks the two-year anniversary of the growing organization. Candace Opper, a Portland State alumna, is at the forefront of the effort.