“Break the Wall; Embrace the World”

In 2009, over 500 people attended International Night, an event put on by volunteers from the Organization of International Students to promote cultural awareness. However, the OIS expects an even greater turnout at this year’s event, which will take place tonight.

Student Housing Rates to rise

Throughout the Oregon University System, housing rates climb higher nearly every year, though Portland State has one of the lowest recommended increases in the Oregon University System for next year.

Protecting Laptops

A free software program is available to PSU students, staff and faculty to download onto laptops that will help in the case of a computer being stolen or lost.

African culture celebrated

The Association of African Students will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its African Culture Night this year, an event that is dedicated to raising awareness of Africa’s history and heritage.

Food pantry for all

ASPSU established a food pantry this year, which is currently located in ASPSU’s office in 117 Smith Memorial Student Union. It encourages students to drop by the office if they are in need of food and cannot afford it.

The end of the word

March 3 was the date of the second-annual campaign to end use of the word “retarded.” Youth leaders exceeded their goal of gathering 100,000 pledges supporting the movement.

TRIO honors students

Portland State recognized National TRIO Day with an awards ceremony honoring several students in the program for their educational achievements.

Oregon Sustainability Center becoming reality

In 2015, Oregonians will see a whole new kind of high-rise, the Oregon Sustainability Center. The center will be a 200,000-square-foot, mixed-use high-rise building located on Southwest Market Street between Southwest Fourth and Fifth avenues and will be a regional hub for sustainability.