Reality bites

In light of March 8 being International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women and to bring awareness to women’s struggles, one might look at reality shows, brimming with women, to see what they’re doing to celebrate.

Hitching a ride

What is TriMet thinking? While expanding downtown, they are proposing to reduce service in the suburbs beginning this September.

Life, the universe and everything

42 is a fictional novel about George Olson, a middle-aged Portlander who’s bored with his mundane life when his wife and daughter disappear. After a few other odd circumstances, George decides that the meaning to life is the number 42.

Shopping for excuses

Want to buy that video game or new coat even though you know you won’t have enough money later for food or rent? Are your parents and friends tired of enabling your overspending habits by helping you out when your bank account falls short?

Dancing in circles

There are a lot of false stereotypes about strippers, exotic dancers, entertainers, whatever you want to call women who dance nude for money. But dancing nude can be as artistic as ballet or any other form of dance.

Politics of the past and present

Write down five facts that you know about Abraham Lincoln. Struggling to think of five? Don’t feel bad, so were the students at the beginning of this term in professor Tony Wolk’s class, Lincoln in Literature.

Hard times

During hard times peoples’ true natures are shown. Some are supportive of their community. Others resort to a selfish survival mode of existence.