Hard times

During hard times peoples’ true natures are shown. Some are supportive of their community. Others resort to a selfish survival mode of existence.

Hack off

If it wasn’t bad enough when your parents broke into your diary when you were growing up, Uncle Sam now plans to break into your private e-mails and phone calls. Instead of a lock and key, it’s time to boost your computer hardware’s security.

College: worth the risk?

The other day a Washington Post article stated that recessions don’t usually negatively affect college graduates, but 2008 stood as the year with the highest number of unemployed college graduates since The Bureau of Labor and Statistics began keeping tabs on these trends in 1970.

Seasonal festivities

Want to take a break from family festivities? Don’t worry, the Vanguard has you covered. Here’s a list of all the hottest events to warm you up between now and when we resume publication at the end of winter break.

Making memories

With the economic pressures from the recession weighing down Americans this holiday season, most people aren’t going to remember this holiday season as the year where they traveled abroad or received an expensive new gift (like a car, computer, etc.). Therefore, this year requires some extra effort to ensure that it stays in yours and your loved ones’ memories forever. Years later you can recall together, “Remember that one Christmas when … .”

Carried to term

Most people know Thomas Beatie as the transgender “pregnant man” from Bend, Ore., which was splashed over Web sites and news networks last spring. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Beatie published an autobiography about his lifelong pursuit of a happy, nurturing family.

Vertical impact

In December 2006 three experienced mountain climbers ascended the north face of Mt. Hood for what they thought would be an easy two-day climb. They had no way of knowing that the worst storm in a decade was about to be unleashed and that all three of them would perish.