New Droni Mitchell takes the stage

In a video called “Freak Out” on the band Droni Mitchell’s MySpace page, you will see abstract moving images with dense audio and unexplainable sensory overload. This project put together by the local band is, in a way, a direct correlation to the group’s music.

Weekly musical repose

As the remodeling of Lincoln Hall comes to a conclusion and campus ensembles start their spring performances, the Portland State music department has many traditions that are looking forward to the changes and improvements the music department will see over the next year.

Food for the soul and the body

It is no secret that the Portland community is a hub for good music and tasty food. With that in mind, Holocene is hosting an event that combines the Portland indie scene with delectable food.

Riding on the wings of a horse

What’s the best way to get your music into the hands of the Portland music community? Give it away for free. Portland group Pegasus Dream is playing at Rotture tonight, but you don’t have to wait until the show to hear what this group is about.

Excitement in the familiar

Portland metal band JonnyX and the Groadies has a unique sound that is familiar to the Portland music community. With years of experience and a new album, The Upheaval on Titan, on the way, the band has a lot to be excited about.

One year of quality music

It can be a hard task to pick which concert to attend on a given weekend in Portland. With a mix of great talent and fun venues, there is almost always an option for everyone.

Two tons of fun

When listening to the Two Ton Boa song “Porcelain Throne,” you’ll instantly understand the motivation behind vocalist and bassist Sherry Fraser’s use of heavy bass, soaring vocal melodies and rhythmic spontaneity.

Taking the R&B by storm

When Portland rapper and hip-hop artist Marv Ellis is asked where he’s from, his response is Eugene. According to Ellis, when on an out-of-state tour, many fans will ask where that is. If he responds with Portland, people automatically connect him with the top-notch talent Portland is known for producing.

PSU talent takes the stage

he Extended Studies Building on the west side of the Park Blocks may seem simple and unassuming, but the talent that waits inside the doors is anything but average.