Sunshine and the great outdoors

Now that the sun seems to be sluggishly making appearances around campus again, there’s no excuse for all the ghostly pale, vitamin-D-deprived Portland State students to not get outside. Luckily for Portlanders, there are quite a few amazing options available that are scenic, inexpensive and close enough to take advantage of after classes.

College: a bad investment?

As a child, I grew up believing in a beautiful country of opportunity and promise, a nation of unequaled vision that urged its citizens to reach for their dreams and then gave them the resources to achieve nearly anything. I was taught that anyone who’s anyone had to go to college and that, in order to succeed, investing in my future was worth a little bit of debt.

Spring fever and sunshine

Now that we’ve made it through winter term and are barreling into spring, it’s not uncommon for students to start feeling less than enthused about sitting in stuffy classrooms when just outside there are blue skies, soft breezes and food carts soaking up the sun.

Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Dark, bubbly liquid explodes into a complex bouquet of sultry sweet-and-sourness in your mouth, the flavor lingering like the kiss of your first love in a dying sunset. You set your glass down and aren’t sure whether you really just drank beer or if you tasted some heavenly nectar sent from Portlandia herself

Beer awaits!

It doesn’t take long for Portland to transform indifferent beer drinkers into snobbish craft connoisseurs. With 51 breweries inside the city limits, Portland flaunts beer like Vegas flashes, well, everything.

Red Cross’ bloody truth

The American Red Cross has been subject to continued controversy in recent years over its policy of excluding blood donations from all MSMs, or men who have had sex with men. By hosting Red Cross blood drives on campus, Portland State is condoning blatant discrimination against gay students and faculty.

PSU’s conservation challenge

Portland State is currently competing in a national residence hall conservation challenge. The Campus Conservation Nationals started on Feb. 18 and will keep going until the start of “dead week” on March 11. Right now, the university is competing against more than 175 colleges and universities across the U.S. looking to show off their “greenness” by reducing energy and water use in campus residence halls as well as by lowering total greenhouse gas emissions on campus.

More work for less pay!

Spring term is around the corner, and following it comes graduation for many students. It’s an exciting time of possibility and hope, but it’s also cause for concern for many graduates who have to face the looming reality of the American job market

Should I get a dog?

Unfortunately for all of the struggling college students out there, puppies will always be cute, even when the bank account is busy being empty. We see a fluffy canine prancing on the sidewalk and can barely contain ourselves from reaching out to ruffle its furriness.


The female orgasm seems to be an unending topic of inconclusive research. Solemn male scientists pop up every so often to let people know about some new discovery regarding women’s climax, only to have another study come out a few years later claiming the opposite.

Obnoxious friends

We all have friends that we like to hang out with after school or work. They’re the people who get us to relax and reflect on a hard day, and help us to enjoy what’s good in life. Except sometimes they don’t. These are the friends who go out to a bar or restaurant seemingly never having learned an ounce of etiquette or possessing any sense of decorum.