OHSU seeks armed officers, PSU still debating topic

The question of arming campus public safety officers at Portland State has been circulating for several months, with many in the PSU community wondering what the best solution is while the pros and cons are weighed on both sides of the discussion.

Timely warning update

Portland State’s Campus Public Safety Office has identified the suspect in the offensive touching case that occurred on Feb. 25. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Timothy Clayton Webster for sex abuse in the third degree.

Campus safety: how PSU compares with the Urban 21

As the debate continues over whether Portland State should have armed officers on campus, many are looking to other universities’ safety models for comparison. PSU is included in a group of universities informally referred to as the Urban 21, a collection of four-year colleges that have self-identified as having similar demographics and settings.

CPSO issues timely warning

The Campus Public Safety Office has received information from a female student reporting that she was subjected to offensive touching. The victim said the incident occurred Monday at 12:50 p.m. on the north side of the Engineering Building located at 1930 S.W. Fourth Avenue.

Campus Public Safety versus Portland Police Bureau

Recent discussions surrounding proposed changes to the Campus Public Safety Office have brought to light differences between the laws that govern CPSO and the laws that govern the Portland Police Bureau—many of which limit CPSO’s capabilities.

Community weighs policing alternatives

Are there more than just two possibilities—armed or unarmed—for the future of Portland State’s Campus Public Safety Office? Around 100 Portland State students, faculty and community members attended a panel discussion Tuesday to explore other possibilities in the campus security discussion.

Behind the scenes: a PSU first responder

Campus Public Safety Office Dispatcher Bonnie Jensen comes from a law enforcement family: Her father was a police officer and detective with the Ashland, Ore., Police Department and her uncle worked at the FBI office in Portland.

Debate simmers after shooting

Last month’s tragic shootings at Clackamas Town Center and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. bring even more attention to an ongoing issue at Portland State: the possibility that PSU’s Campus Public Safety Office may soon become a sworn law enforcement agency with armed police officers.