Worst. Show. Ever.

Bad gimmicks often make their way onto television. It happens, but we can forgive networks for giving us yet another alien-from-space sitcom.

A child of revolution

Htet Maw knows about the protests and conflict happening right now in Burma (also known as the Union of Myanmar). He was there when a similar kind of revolution happened in the country 20 years ago.

Speaking to the viewers

Great TV has it rough. Critically acclaimed, clever shows are often cancelled, only to gain a cult following down the road. Arrested Development and Freaks and Geeks are examples of what happens in a market that cares more about profit than quality entertainment. Thankfully for us, NBC has given the Emmy award winning 30 Rock a second season despite its low ratings.

Comedy that rocks

The comedy club is a place to see performers, to laugh, and much to the chagrin of comedian Patton Oswalt, a place where it is mandatory to buy one, sometimes two, overpriced drinks. Sitting is also a requirement. And there are extortionately priced sandwiches involved.

Local company gives Aerospace Society boost

An Oregon electronics manufacturer has agreed to make advanced circuit boards for rockets for the Portland State Aerospace Society, putting the student group one step closer to realizing its goal of launching a rocket into space.

Better than books

Here it is, the Vanguard’s fall television preview. You will notice it’s different than most beasts of the same nature due to absence of brand new shows debuting this fall. I didn’t want to merely rewrite network press releases on shows yet to premiere; that’s useless.

TV just like us

With all the good entertainment around, there always seems to be people drawn to what I call good/bad, sometimes-ugly television.Obvious plot twists, bad acting and clich퀌�s abound, but the consumer treasures these defects like an eye-patched pirate. In television, where very little seems good, a lot falls under the good/bad classification.