The Big Sky’s Finest

Following a weekend sweep of Montana and Montana State, the Vikings have earned the right to declare they are number one, as Portland State stands alone atop the Big Sky in first place.

Spotlight Athlete of the week

Junior Andre Murray is an example of something rarely seen these days on the basketball court: a complete player. Murray, a 6-foot-2 guard from Los Angeles, does it all. He can defend, rebound, hit the three-pointer, find the open man, get to the rim or pull up and drain mid-range jumpers all day.

Another side of Bone

Ken Bone was raised on basketball. Growing up in Seattle, basketball was a family institution for the Vikings’ head coach. Ken’s father, Walt, coached the game at Queen Anne and Nathan Hale High Schools, and often Ken and his older brother, Len, followed him to the gym.

Post up, or shut up

For most of the season, the Vikings’ prolific outside shooting has masked their biggest weakness: inconsistent post presence on the offensive end.

Vikings light up the small screen

Getting an opportunity to see a Vikings basketball game on the tube does not come along all that often. But with the upstart regional sports network Comcast SportsNet looking to fill out its schedule with local events, fans may be able to catch at least a few Portland State games without leaving the comfort of their living room.

Powered by Huff

Senior guard Deonte Huff does not care who the Vikings are playing. He wants the ball and he wants his team to score. And, most of all, Huff never wants Portland State to lose. The thought never even crosses his mind.

Home sweet home

Usually a two-game winning streak leaves little to get excited about, but when it comes at the onset of Big Sky play following a three-game skid and a grueling 10 of 13 on the road to open the season, timing is everything.