The college that can’t stop

Portland State, a 49-acre urban campus that bleeds into the surrounding metropolis, sits nestled in the heart of downtown. Blurring the boundaries between school and city, PSU is more than buildings of bricks and mortar: It is a product of community birthed in conflict and tempered in challenge. From humble beginnings to sprawling urban university, PSU’s roots reach back through decades of opposition, beginning with a world at war.

Set phasers to stunning

Captain’s log, Stardate 91193.96. We have encountered a humanoid species gathered at the Cathedral Park amphitheater. The inhabitants of the green terrestrial sphere are collected to take part in what the people of Earth call a “play.” I, as the ship’s commanding officer, will observe this ritual to better understand this planet’s life-forms.

Coming soon to 5th Avenue Cinema

Told in reverse chronological order, Gaspar Noe’s Irreversible is a story of violence and revenge. The film follows the events of a single horrific night in Paris. After his girlfriend Alex is beaten and raped in a highway underpass, Marcus embarks on a bloody and cruel journey to find the man responsible.

Inspiring innovation

Tom Kelley remembers taking the 19-mile drive down Interstate 10 in Los Angeles to school at the age of 14. On the way, he would pass a giant billboard that hung over the highway promoting whoever it was that was renting the space. He remembers passing it one day and seeing the board had been filled with a Nike advertisement featuring a fierce-looking Lester Hayes—then the cornerback for the Oakland Raiders.

American Whistleblower Tour makes a stop at PSU

On Wednesday, students, faculty members and concerned community members gathered at Portland State for a moderated discussion about whistle-blowing and issues of safety at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford Site.

5th Avenue Cinema adds digital to its film repertoire

Beginning in summer quarter, 5th Avenue Cinema will be a film-only theater no longer. In traditional film presentations, light is projected through a 35-millimeter-wide strip of photographic film that has been reeled through the projector to display the movie onscreen. With digital display, there is no film—instead, images are typically loaded from a digital file and then projected for viewing.

Proposed tuition hike to be reviewed

On June 2, Oregon’s State Board of Higher Education will be reviewing proposals made by the state’s seven universities to increase tuition. If the proposed numbers are approved, costs for the 2013–14 school year will be raised across the board.

Alternatives to the A-listers

Alienated by Batman’s brooding? Unimpressed by the wisecracking, web-slinging Spiderman? Traditional superheroes aren’t for everyone, and they may deter potential comic lovers from picking up a book and giving it a shot. Is this you? Perhaps what you’ve been looking for is something a little more unique.

Lecture examines ugly laws

What is an ugly law? Also known as “unsightly beggar ordinances,” ugly laws make it illegal for people deemed to have unsightly disabilities or disfigurements to appear in public.

PSU recognized for being green

Portland is a green city. It’s known to many for its recycling efforts, sustainability and love of composting. Portland State is no exception. Since its creation in 2010, the Princeton Review has been working in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council, a nonprofit sustainability organization, to produce an annual guide to green colleges.

Ooligan toasts Alive at the Center

It was a night of excitement and jubilation as authors, creators and bibliophiles gathered at the Literary Arts center in Southwest Portland. The audience overflowed the cozy book-filled room on Friday, sharing drinks, discussions, laughter and poetry.