SFC questions answered

The final student group budgets for the coming year, as released by the 2008–09 Student Fee Committee, have caused confusion for administrators, the new SFC and student groups.

The final say on student funds was not final

The student fee, which is assessed to all students every term based on enrollment, will increase this fall by as much as $18 for students enrolled in 12 or more credits. Student groups are also unable to find out how much money they are allocated for the coming school year, because the original numbers have changed and neither the Student Fee Committee nor the university administration have explained why.

ASPSU begins their work

The transition of power to ASPSU President Jonathan Sanford’s administration is underway with most of the hiring for cabinet positions complete, but a clear picture of how the campaign promises of fostering engagement, safety, inclusion and proper funding will be accomplished has yet to come into focus.

A message of hope

Last week, Portland State students brought Portlanders face to face with the desperate reality that hundreds of thousands people around the world are forced to experience in their daily lives.

Tutoring center now in Smith, room 439

A sequestered student lounge on the fourth floor of the Smith Memorial Student Union—often favored by students in need of a nap—is still a haven for students seeking a quiet space but is also now for those in need of academic assistance.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Based on scientific evidence, the Environmental Protection Agency recently issued a warning that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases are pollutants that threaten public health and need to be closely regulated.

A ‘geek’ for politics

Christopher Proudfoot was no stranger to the political process when he entered the student government race as Collin LaVallee’s vice presidential running mate two weeks ago.