A pop-timistic attitude

The people of Portland like to dance. An eager music fan can dance every night of the week to energetic live music in bars and basements across the town. In the center of Old Town, one such act is Root Beer and French Fry, the assumed name of Brendan Monroe, Cory Jones, Andy Parker and Adam Sorensen.

Nine plus two

The film Nine was released on Christmas day, 2009. It is adapted from the 2002 theater production of the same name, which was an adaptation of a theater production from 1982. This was, in turn, an adaptation of an Italian play, which is an adaptation of the masterpiece 8½, directed by Federico Fellini. Despite this complicated lineage, the narrative and thematic structure between the two films remains largely intact.

Planet Terror

Timmy the Terror and the Winter Coats is a band on the Gnar Tapes & Shit label, a local, cassette tape-only outfit founded by president Erik Gage. As much an internet meme as it is a band, Timmy the Terror emerged early from the tide pool of young punk and metal fans in White Fang, another local group known for their riotous live shows.