A discussion of domestic partnerships

Portland attorney Beth A. Allen led a workshop on campus Thursday about the Oregon Domestic Partnership Law, where she stressed the differences between marriage and the new law and the drawbacks it contains.

Late at night? Alone? Call the PDX Bike Militia

Last month, a new Portland bike escort service began, providing cyclists who must ride at night a bike buddy to accompany them on their trip. The Portland Bike Militia, a group created last year, runs the bike escort service and came together with the goals of increasing cyclist safety and providing a sense of community among bikers, they say. With an e-mail sent 24 hours in advance to [email protected], Militia members said they would provide cyclists with a free escort.

Life-long advocate gives one more college try

City council candidate Jeff Bissonnette has been an activist and advocate in Portland for all of his working life. Running for position No. 1 on the Portland City Council, Bissonnette said he wants to make sure the city council will look after all Portland residents to, “make sure that there are benefits for everybody, and that the city is doing something right for them.”