Bargain Hunting

Your student ID can do more than fill that empty space in your wallet where money is supposed to go. By flashing it at businesses around town, you can receive discounts on items that matter most to the every day college student: food, drinks and movies. These are some of places that offer discounts to Portland State students.


Movie Theaters

The late night movie date is among the most cherished traditions in American culture. At a steep $9 for some of the most popular theaters in the area tradition can get pretty expensive. But your sofa needn’t be the only viable option for Saturday night recreation. The three closest theaters to campus offer student rates for evening shows to Portland State students.


Regal Broadway Metro Theaters 4: $7 with student ID, $8.25 regular admission price

Regal Pioneer Place Stadium 6: $7.50 with student ID,  $9 regular admission price

Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10: $7.50 with student ID, $9 regular admission price



One of the first things that many college students learn is how to eat affordably. One of the cheapest and tastiest meals available is pizza, and many of the local pizza restaurants offer continuing discounted specials to students.


Papa John’s Pizza


1 Large, 1 topping for $6.99

2 Large, 1 topping for $12.99

1 Large, 1 topping; 1 side order; 1 2-liter of soda for $13.99


Pizza Hut


1 Medium, 1 topping for $5.99

1 Large, 1 topping for $7.99


Students can also stop by Chipotle, a growing Mexican grill, located on Broadway as part of the PSU Broadway complex.  By showing their ID card, students can receive a free medium soda with the purchase of a burrito.


Breakfast and Coffee

At the Energy Bar, students who have International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) can receive a 20 percent discount on the various smoothies, espresso drinks and other products, located on the corner of Southwest Park and Clay.


One Card

By purchasing products with your OneCard through 11 select online merchants from online links, students can rack up points that can be redeemed for items.  Each dollar spent is equivalent to one point, and students can purchase movies, calculators and many more items through the web site’s redemption center.  Visit for more information.



Wells Fargo, located on Fifth Avenue just two blocks down from Neuberger Hall, offers a College Checking that boasts free checking, savings and bill pay, the last of which is not offered to most customers. The bank will have a booth set up during the week before and the first week of classes, right near the PSU bookstore, where students can sign up for the account and enter to win a free iPod Shuffle. Students will also receive five free songs from iTunes for signing up and a possibility to receive a $10 gift certificate. 



STA Travel, located on the corner of Southwest Park and Clay, offers many low-cost fares for students, teachers or individuals under the age of 26. Here students can also purchase an International Student Identity Card, which gives multiple discounts internationally.  By showing this card students can save on airfares, stores such as Target and American Eagle, rail and bus passes and hotels.