Best place to study

First place: Second floor of SMSU

With all the hustle and bustle on campus, it can be hard to find that perfect spot to study.

For those still looking and for those who think they have already discovered a study spot, check out the second floor of the Smith Memorial Student Union, which won best place to study.

The second floor offers a quiet, serene atmosphere highlighted by unobtrusive paintings. And while you study, you can laugh as you watch the mass of students in the Park Blocks rushing to make it to the classes they are already late for.

If people-watching isn’t your cup of tea, there are several hallways equipped with chairs and tables, as the windowed galleria can be, at times, distracting.

Being so centrally located, the second floor is less than five minutes from most classrooms on campus, making it the perfect place to cram just before your big test.

Second place: Millar Library

If the second floor of SMSU just isn’t working out for y’all, there is always the Branford P. Millar Library, which was a close second.

Built around the tree that graces the front entrance, the library provides an extremely quiet atmosphere for those focused and intent studiers. And if you require even more peace and quiet, there are some cubicles located along the back walls on each floor of the library.

While the second floor of Smith provides group tables, the library offers group rooms, which are more conducive to conversation and discussion.

-Nicholas Lovell