Block talk

"Genuinely, yes, I was disappointed. I am here only as a visiting scholar [from Nizhny Novgorod Linguistic University in Russia], but I still have this patriotic feeling for our team. I did not watch the game just because with the end of the term everything is so hectic. Once I watched the Viking girls and it was really exciting, though they lost, too."
-Masha Shaposhnikova, communications

"Yes, I was. It’s kind of crappy that we keep losing. I know the Vikings are a kick-ass team and we can do so much better than this."
– Kento Azegami, political science and theater arts

"I don’t really have interest in it. I’m not really into this stuff. I’m not really interested in football at all. I don’t like football. I like soccer. I’m European, so I like soccer – European football."
– Tomas Karwowski, Art History

"I didn’t even know about it. I don’t follow Portland State Basketball, to be perfectly honest"
– Brian Collard, business finance

"You know, I know nothing about our basketball team. I didn’t even know what our mascot was until I’d been going here for two years."
– Jaime Cox, biology

"I don’t think I was even aware that we were playing, but yeah, it sucks. We lost. I’m for us, you know?"
– Victor Panza, psychology