Block Talk

“How are you going to spend your holiday break?”

Every week, the Vanguard interviews members of the Portland State community in the Park Blocks and asks them a timely question. This week’s question:

Madeline Zanone, 18, a molecular biology freshman, is returning home to Southern California for the holidays. “I’m just going to hang out with my family, eat dinner and have Christmas in California. It’s going to be way hotter there, so it’ll be nicer,” she said. “I really like it here, but I’m excited to go home for the holidays.

Kevin Gewozdz, 24, a senior arts and letters major, plans to stay in town to write poetry and piano music. However, his family from Ireland is spending the holidays with him. “My whole family is in town for the first time in four years, so I get to see all of my brothers and sisters, and my mom and dad,” he said.

Jennie Espelien, 25, a math junior, plans to travel to Washington, D.C. for Christmas and Vernonia, Ore., for New Year’s. She also plans to snowboard for the first time. “I’m going to take a trip to Washington, D.C., where I’m going to see my friend who just moved there and visit some family in Illinois,” she said. “I’m possibly going to Vernonia with my husband to ride four-wheelers in a 20-mile trek through the snow.

Andrea Espinosa, 23, a social science major, plans to work through a temp agency for the break. “I’m going to be lazy, eat a lot of food and get another holiday job so I can make some money,” Espinosa said. “I’ll be staying in Portland all break because I don’t have money to travel.”