Block Talk

"My loans will go up and I will be more in debt by the end of my college experience. Five percent is a lot!"

Angie Nomie, business marketing

"I’m under a trust fund right now – my parents pay for school – so that’ll just make my trust run out quicker. And I haven’t been too impressed with PSU instructors, so I don’t know what they’re spending the money on."

Mark Donnelly, physics

"Well, the tuition increase is offset by the fact that books are getting much cheaper, because you can buy them online. But 5 percent is a lot of money. Hopefully I’ll graduate soon."

Sean Lester, math

"I’d have to pay for school. Tuition increases affect how much I have allocated towards books. But it’s a sign of the times, I guess. I’m not very educated on where all the money goes, but it must go somewhere."

Naomi Worcester, biology

"Since I’m in a social bracket were I have to pull out loans to cover it, tuition increases automatically place me at a disadvantage because I have to take out more loans for school in order to raise that social bracket."

Joel Strong, English

"They’re taking my money every way they can! I pay for school with financial aid, but the money I get back from the term doesn’t cover crap. I barely get enough for my books and it’s hard working and going to school."

Allison Jewell, social sciences