Boil alert update

Portland Water Bureau issued a boil alert for its customers yesterday, May 23. New results will be in mid-morning today, May 24.

If the results show bacteria is still in the water, another test will be administered. Results for that will be in mid-morning on May 25.

“We would do the same thing. We would all come in tomorrow and wait for the results to see if we can lift the ban,” said Jaymee Cuti, public information officer for the Portland Water Bureau.

Please read yesterday’s brief article for details here.

To see if your area is included within the contamination zone, enter your address here.

Follow this link for a map of the affected districts. Or use this searchable Google map to find out if your household is at risk.

Check the Portland Water Bureau for more updates here.

For more information, contact Portland Water Bureau Customer Service at 503–823-7770.