Bubblegum comes to big screen

Last Friday, Hollywood did it again. They put another comic book/cartoon on the big screen, butchering more childhood memories. Fortunately the kids that will love this movie are too young to remember the comic book or cartoon.I loved “Josie and the Pussycats,” unfortunately I am the only person I know that remembers them.

How could anyone not remember those cute gals, in their snazzy tails and ear hats? They not only were a cool band, but solved mysteries as well, traveling around in a van driven by a cute guy in a scarf (sound familiar)?

This scenario is brought to live action and changed quite a bit. Josie and her friends Melody (drummer) and Val (bass player), try to make it big as a girl band, leaving mysteries and their friends to the wayside.

Rachel Leigh Cook is punky and tough as Josie, the band’s lead singer and movie’s heroine. Tara Reid is perfect, almost too perfect, as the ditzy and sweet Melody. The cast also includes Parker Posey and Allen Cummings as the super villains, who add seniority, talent and humor to this flick.

This movie is targeted towards young kids, with images of fashion, food, shopping malls and boy bands throughout, and an evil plot about taking over America’s youth by sending subliminal musical messages. However, when these bands catch on, tragedy hits. Have you ever seen VH-1’s “Where Are They Now?”

The plot, annoying at times with an overabundance of bubblegum and teen pop culture, is actually quite smart. The satire of the media trying to control today’s youth and brainwash them to buy certain products and wear certain colors is true to life and very amusing.

Unfortunately, the ones who will actually see this flick do spend a lot of time at the mall and still get an allowance, thus the message will be lost. The music is very bubblegum, but Josie and crew still manage to add an edge.

The opening scene that features a boy band, Du Jour, is another satire that pokes much fun at boy bands. I found myself laughing at times and groaning at others.

I am not a big fan of sequels or movies based on television shows. They usually do not do the original work justice and change too much.However, I am a fan of taking shots at the media, thus some parts of “Josie and the Pussycats” made this film enjoyable. I choose to remember “the cats” as the lovable comic characters featured in the Archie comics (I so would have chosen Betty) and not as punky teens who buy Sketchers, but those looking for a laugh may want to check out “Josie and the Pussycats.”

But, do stay away if you get easily annoyed. What can I say? I too can be a target audience at times.