Bumper stickers for the blind

Bad bumper stickers

Let’s Roll

This car protected by Smith & Wesson

“Don’t make me come down there”- God

“Keep using my name in vain, I’ll make rush hour longer”- God

“Remember that honor your mother and father thing? Yeah, I meant that” -God

God answers knee-mail

They’re not Ten Suggestions!

Hire teenagers while they still know everything!


Wall Drug

Fat people are harder to kidnap

My state bird is the finger

Bring Major League Baseball to Portland

Bad cop … no donut

Nader-LaDuke 2000

Bush-Cheney 2000

Bush-Cheney 2004

Keep Portland Weird

Keep Tahoe Blue


Mommy, what were trees like?

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

Why do we kill people who kill people just to show people killing people is wrong?

Vegetarians taste better!

Don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die

Youth is wasted on the young

The more men I meet, the more I like my cat!

Dogs have owners, cats have staff

I see dumb people

You, off my planet!

Good bumper stickers

My other ride is your daughter