Burgerville Workers Union pickets for higher wages, better conditions

What’s outrageous? Burgerville wages. What’s disgusting? Union busting.

-Burgerville Workers Union demonstrators


“What’s outrageous? Burgerville wages. What’s disgusting? Union Busting,”Burgerville Workers Union members and supporters picketed on Jan. 24 outside the Convention Center Burgerville restaurant on Northeast Martin Luther King Blvd & Multnomah St.

“We’re here tonight celebrating a year a half as a union fighting for higher wages and better working conditions,” said Chris, a member of BWU who said he’s worked at the Convention Center Burgerville for over two years and has seen BWU workers fired and mistreated.

“Burgerville has done nothing but ignore us and retaliate,” Chris continued.

BWU’s website says, “workers have formed a union to win respect; we want to see Burgerville do right by us, agree to a $5/hour raise and negotiate with our union.”

Members of Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters said they were on scene to support fellow unions and raised a red-eyed inflatable rat outside Burgerville’s entrance.

BWU is supported by several local advocacy groups, including Portland State University Student Union and PSU Student Labor Action Project.