The Ax returns to Tonic Lounge

Rock band to cut up the stage Oct. 1

If there’s one thing that raw, energetic bands command, it’s raw, energetic youth.

The Ax, one of Portland’s most turbulent and chaotic rock bands, is returning to the Tonic Lounge on Saturday. The show may be one of the last times you get to catch this band before they blow up.

Evolution of the disc jockey

The technology changes but the taste for tunes remains the same

If you’ve been to a rave, a party or any club in your lifetime, you’re familiar with the disc jockey, dropping tune after tune to set the tone for the night and assembling creative segues between tracks to give the music an easy flow.

DJ-ing has always been about the music: how, when, where and why it’s delivered. Over the years, the sounds have changed, genres have died off and now DJs seem to be a dime a dozen.

Video game metal coming to Portland

Powerglove covers classic video game riffs

Although I don’t often write about it, I’ve long been a fan of video games and retro titles in particular.

Like many kids growing up in the mid ’80s and early ’90s, my afterschool hours and weekends were dedicated to battling baddies on the Nintendo and Sega consoles. Video games were my best friend, my babysitter, and my worst enemy.

Party in the Park Blocks

Thursday event will showcase about 130 student groups

New and returning students alike should check out Portland State’s 21st annual Party in the Park Blocks, which will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday in the South Park Blocks. The event brings together most of the student organizations at the university, as well as various departments that promote community and leadership.

All-out art on Alberta

Last Thursday takes art out of the galleries and into the streets.

Every First Thursday, the upscale residents of Portland’s downtown community flock together to admire art while sipping conservatively on wine and beer. This monthly event is a staple of Portland’s art scene and one not to be missed.

“Strawfu” smoothie

A fantastically fresh back-to-school breakfast

As school starts up again, many Portland State-ers find themselves too busy to eat breakfast. Running to classes with no way of precariously balancing a bowl of milk and cereal leaves many of us without the morning calories we need.

But never fear nutrition-seekers: On-the-go eating is possible, and all you need is a blender.

The Zine Scene

Portland Zine Symposium sees surprising turnout

The rumblings inside the 11th annual Portland Zine Symposium were nearly overpowered by the rumblings outside. This year, the gathering was held in Southeast Portland at Refuge on Yamhill.

In and out…and don’t explode

30 Minutes or Less taps into the juvenile vein of humor

Nick just wanted to coast through life delivering pizzas, getting high and taking it easy. But his laid back lifestyle is interrupted when two assailants with some ingenuity, a fervor for explosives and too much spare time on their hands, strap a bomb to him and force him to rob a bank.

Onward and upward: Rome and Barcelona

The continuing European adventures of the Vanguard’s Nicholas Kula

My time in Paris had come to a close, and I looked toward new horizons. My journey brought me to Rome, Italy and Barcelona, Spain and highlighted how the three cultures are very different—here’s why:

Where Portland laughs

Comedy Night at the Bagdad continues drawing crowds

A man walks down SE Hawthorne Boulevard. Wearing simple attire of jeans and a t-shirt, he strides quietly through the Friday night crowds who may not realize that this unassuming character will soon be on the stage and entertaining an audience filling the McMenamins’ Bagdad Theatre—taking them through a night of laughter and comedy.

Listen now and hear this: Havok is here

Time is Up brings the goods

Norway is often described as the epicenter of all things metal. And why shouldn’t it be? Norweigan metal band Burzum had a member that was arrested for killing a rival band’s singer and burning down churches in Norway. As such, it is only fitting that awesome American metal band Havok hails from Denver, Colo., a populous city surrounded by mountains that countless manly-men have died in.