Don’t ban the bottle

Bottled water is here to stay. Think about it: whereas there is a nearly free water source in your kitchen or workplace thanks to indoor plumbing, the appeal and convenience of bottled water has proven to supersede common sense—oil extraction, chemical resources, recycling and shipping are all necessary to produce the product. And that’s only the container!


Ban bottled water at PSU: A body of students and faculty at Portland State University are fighting desperately to ban bottled water on the University’s campus as the practice of bottling and shipping water appears to be an extremely ecologically destructive and energy intensive process as well as harmful to community water supplies.


*This is a full version of ASPSU Senator Karen Ulbright’s letter to the editor. The letter published on Feb. 15 was edited for brevity.

President Katie Markey’s use of her executive staff’s fee-funded office time to compose flippant and misleading editorial defenses for her dismaying term of office is a self-serving and unethical use of student resources.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: January 28, 2011

Re: “Who you gonna call?” Editorial, Jan 21

PSU’s Student Life is here to help. The Jan. 21 Vanguard editorial pointed out the importance of providing Portland State students information and access to services from mental health assistance to crisis intervention to campus safety.