Taking a dive

B Side Tavern B Side is the place to go if you want bartenders who pour with reckless abandon and don’t judge you if you ask for a Long Island….

Name that tune

Looking for something to do on an otherwise quiet Friday night? Getting onstage and belting out an improvised verse or two is always a good time. Here are five of the best karaoke bars in Portland, guaranteed not to disappoint.

Strictly Portland

If you’re looking to do something at night that captures Portland’s unique culture, there are several options beyond dinner at a local restaurant or a good beer.

Top 5 late-night food carts

Chez Dodo 3441 N Vancouver Ave. Open Monday–Friday until 11 p.m. Chez Dodo is the Mississippi neighborhood’s diamond in the rough. This cart may be the winner for most successful…

Nosh, nosh, any time you want 

The witching hour has come and gone. The bars—closed. Food carts—shuttered until morning. Fast food—not unless you have a car. It’s late, you’re drunk and hungry, and lukewarm convenience-store hot dogs sound about as appetizing as uncooked rice. Where can you go, then, when you’ve got insatiable cravings? Here are your destinations.

All-ages fun

It can be tough being under 21 and living in Portland—a city where beer-drinking is a culture. However, there are still a number of places where people of any age can go to have a good time.

Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Dark, bubbly liquid explodes into a complex bouquet of sultry sweet-and-sourness in your mouth, the flavor lingering like the kiss of your first love in a dying sunset. You set your glass down and aren’t sure whether you really just drank beer or if you tasted some heavenly nectar sent from Portlandia herself

Old-world charm

When I hear the term “Euro pub,” my mind jumps to the image of a bearded old fellow in a delightfully rustic bar, a pint in hand and a barkeep who knows to keep ’em coming. I think of fish and chips, haggis and good beer.

A black-tie affair

Whether you have a hot date, are pretending you’ve socially ascended or want to know what a Dockers commercial looks like, press your slacks and head to these fine-dining locations.

Beer awaits!

It doesn’t take long for Portland to transform indifferent beer drinkers into snobbish craft connoisseurs. With 51 breweries inside the city limits, Portland flaunts beer like Vegas flashes, well, everything.