On your mark, get set, drink!

Sometime about 3,000 years ago in Zhou Dynasty China, two people held up a certain number of fingers, each simultaneously guessing what the total number of fingers would be. The one whose number was furthest from the answer drained the glass between them, and Jiuling, the world’s oldest continuously played drinking game, was born.

Dancing? In Portland?

House dance parties may be the norm in Portland, and that’s fine if you want to dance for 45 minutes in someone’s living room to a handful of boring Crystal Castles remixes.

‘I just wanna see you strip’

What do you, Chris Brown and T-Pain have in common? The unrelenting, deep-seated desire to visit a strip club. Strip clubs need no introduction, so without further delay, here are five strip clubs in PDX suitable for anyone’s taste.

Laugh out loud

“If you want to make an audience laugh, you dress a man up like an old lady and push her down the stairs. If you want to make comedy writers laugh, you push an actual old lady down the stairs.” —Tina Fey

Games Galore

Sometimes a drink and a couple of friends or co-workers isn’t enough to guarantee a fun night out. Sometimes the only way to enliven a dud of a night is to inject some competition into the proceedings. Here are five top spots to get your game on in Portland.

Cinema in the city

Bagdad Theater & Pub 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd. A great example of Portland’s cinematic brewpubs, the Bagdad is part of the McMenamins chain and boasts arguably the most colorful history…

Top 5 PDX music venues

Backspace 115 NW Fifth Ave. 503-248-2900 Though it is not a general favorite of the Portland music scene, Backspace’s all-ages landscape offers what so many other venues do not—drinks for…

Where to go when you come out

When I asked my friends about their top five gay bars in Portland, the first response I got was, “I wouldn’t use the word ‘top’ in reference to them. They are mostly bottoms.” Cute!
Anyway, here’s a quick-and-dirty list I compiled with local comedian and self-proclaimed “resident gay” Belinda Carroll.

In the mood for love

Nothing screams pressure like planning a “romantic date” for you and your significant other. Here are the top five romantic havens and date spots for sweeping your partner off his or her feet.

Novelty restaurants

Face it: You’re in a food rut. If you’re really going to throw down $9.99 for a meal—on a college-student budget, no less—why not go somewhere with some pizzazz? Here is a list of five of the best novelty restaurants in Portland, where you can have not only great food but also a memorable experience.