Cheer cheat sheet

From the University of Oregon’s Pit Crew to the Cameron Crazies that spur on the Duke Blue Devils, most successful college basketball programs have a loyal following of rabid fans who can be a game-changing force with their involvement in the game. From ratcheting up the noise level during free throws to getting under the skin of the star player on the opposing team, fan support is a vital part of the "home court advantage."

The Vikings have an incredible 13-1 home record and have rattled off 12 in a row at the Stott Center. Now that they have made the Big Sky tournament, competition moves to the Memorial Coliseum and it will be a challenge to transfer the rowdy Stott Center atmosphere to the 12,000-seat arena when the Viks face off against Weber State tonight. Here are some facts about the Wildcats to get the Green and White faithful going:

Lance Allred

Allred is less susceptible to heckling because he is 75 percent deaf in both ears

Writing a trilogy of novels called "Bretwalda" set in the Dark Ages

The first book is called "The Ghost of Covendale" and the second installment is titled "Deliver Us"

Coric Riggs
Riggs is a Kentucky native

He couldn’t stick at two other schools, the University of Louisville (played only four games) and Dixie State College

Terrell Stovall
Couldn’t find anything on him, but he is a key player and should be booed whenever he touches the ball

Troy Goodell
Goodell (pronounced GA-dell) has struggled with his free throws, hitting only 64 percent on the year

Was academically disqualified for a period of time this season