Civic Tour ends civil war

Civic Tour
Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, MxPx
Memorial Coliseum
May 27, 6:30 p.m.
All ages, $25

This summer, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory and MxPx will be heating up such legendary rock venues as Florida’s Office Depot Center and Idaho’s Bank of America Center on the third annual Civic Tour, sponsored by Honda.

Anyone who has ever doubted the power of pure, heartfelt punk rock or the Civic Si’s responsive i-VTEK engine should prepare to have those doubts annihilated when this tour rolls through their town.

Like a Civic out of the garage, these bands have burst onto the music scene with nothing less than the same ideals of quality performance for a low price that have made Honda such a reputable company.


Staking their own reputations on spiky hair and equally spiky guitar anthems, the three bands on the Civic Tour have all used their popularity among young people to spread positive messages, while the occasional innocuous vulgarity reinforces their outsider, or “punk,” status and helps at-risk youth to relate with their teachings. While many similarly dressed groups spread hateful messages advocating vice and delinquency, these bands employ such a guise in order to spread positive messages about overcoming obstacles and maintaining faith in the Lord, even through the darkest times.

As though they were equipped with the Civic Si’s Euro-sport suspension tuning, Good Charlotte and company are able to steer young people away from the dangerous contingencies that prey on young, suggestible minds.

Although their appearances, including tattoos and inappropriate piercing, may worry some parents, these groups simply understand that to boast an aggressive style is necessary to build a following, a little lesson they learned from the car that pioneered performance and style on the streets, the Civic Si.

While one would expect to pay a lot more for such quality music, teaming up with Honda has allowed these groups to keep their concert prices low. With the average New Found Glory fan nearing the age where they will look into financing a car, the partnership between the bands and Honda was inevitable and works to everyone’s advantage.

In addition to attending a great event with a positive message, two lucky concertgoers will even drive off in their very own Honda Civic Sis, customized by either Good Charlotte or New Found Glory and emblazoned with the band’s logo. As Joel from Good Charlotte said about teaming up with Honda for the tour, “It’s been really cool, too, because now someone is going to win a really cool car.”

Apparently, when considering the model to customize, neither group felt that the new Honda FCX zero-emission fuel-cell vehicle would be up to their audience’s strict free-car standards.

There is no word yet as to whether or not MxPx will be giving away a 1988 Honda CRX, accentuated with distinctive dents and several hundred thousand custom miles, but be sure to check the Civic Tour Web site for updates.