Coalition dedicated to voter turnout

As education costs rise, environmental concerns heighten and threats of war chill the air, one would assume that students at PSU would rush to the voter registration tables eager to make their voices heard. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case; students appear as apathetic as usual.

The Youth Vote Campaign is determined to change this dynamic, to turn this city around and reinvigorate the democratic ideal that should be foundational for the youth and the basis of our system.

Registration is, of course, just the beginning for the determined members groups such as OSPIRG and ASPSU, members of the Youth Vote Coalition. After a registration form is filled out, the idea is that young people will follow through with the process, not only become educated about the issues and candidates, but fill out a ballot as well.

Youth Vote struggles to explain current topics in a way that cuts through the jargon and gets straight down to the issues that affect the people.

The current turnout for voters 18 to 24 averages a depressing 20 percent. That is why the top issues in most campaigns are Social Security and taxes, items that are not priorities for young people. If we would stand up and demand that we be heard as a group, the leaders of our society would be forced to listen to us. They would have to take our issues seriously.

Registering to vote is a simple and rewarding process. The last opportunity to register is Oct. 15 at midnight. There will be an all-day event in front of the Smith Memorial Student Union held by the Youth Vote coalition, definitely the best opportunity for you to get those registration forms in. That little effort will go a long way in establishing the youth of our population as a force to be reckoned with.

The coalition is nonpartisan and does not support any issue other than voting. As a side note, the coalition resents certain parties’ misinterpretation of our efforts as evil. In fact, we don’t care what young voters say, as long as they say it. And we do not claim those who register as “our constituents.”